The Noosa
Spa Performance Facials

Waterlily’s Professional Exclusive Spa Facials are formulated harnessing pure Aromaceutical concentrates with premium dilutions of active botanicals, vitamins and omega rich infusions to deliver a sensory spa ritual that promises visible results. Regenerative and corrective treatments target remedial indications while experiencing the ultimate aromatic journey to calm the senses and induce deep relaxation.

Fruit Enzyme Spa Facial

60 minutes | $120

Exfoliating | Brightening | Smoothing

For pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage

An exfoliating and refining facial treatment rich in enzymatic and exotic tropical fruits, pink French clay, crushed citrus rind and a blend of berries to revitalise the dullest of skin types. Drenched in natural fruit enzymes and premium fruit concentrates to smooth and brighten, leaving skin luminous, glowing and refreshed.

Youth Elixir Spa Facial

60 minutes | $120

Anti-ageing | Replenishing | Enriching

For mature, dry and sensitive skin types

The ultimate anti-ageing treatment offering an infusion of precious omega serums, collagen and opulent essential oils to deeply rejuvenate replenish and renew. Enriched with exquisite essential oils of rose balsam, crushed nut butters and anti-ageing vitamins to deliver the ultimate hydration treatment.

Seasonal Botanical Spa Facial

60 minutes | $120

Waterlily’s limited edition Botanical Spa Facial celebrates the changing seasons by capturing a botanical harvest bursting with active ingredients to target skin concerns while deeply hydrating and visibly revitalising the complexion.

This seasonal facial features a deep reconditioning cleanse, mineral creme clay exfoliation, followed by a massage emulsion layered with Vitamin A, carotenes and pure essential oil concentrates. A performance contour masque steeped in 2,000mg of active seasonal ingredients along with 500mg of pure vitamin C is infused to energise and transform skin.

Petit Spa Facial

30 minutes | $65

An express facial designed to offer a quick pick-me-up to brighten, nourish and revitalise using pure cold pressed plant oils, fruit extracts, French clay and a hydrating infusion of essential oils.


15 minutes | $25
  • Orange Créme Hair Treatment Masque
  • Anti-ageing Eye Treatment
  • Moroccan Rose & Guava Hand Treatment
  • Spearmint and Gingko Foot Massage